An internship or cooperative education experience (co-op) is becoming more and more important to career development. Many companies are choosing to hire entry level employees solely through their own internship programs. Others are choosing to hire only those students who have demonstrated the ability to apply their education on the job through an internship. During job interviews, recruiters are particularly interested in hearing about students' intern and work experiences.

Get ahead in your career - while you're still in school - with an internship or cooperative education experience.

Successful internships and co-ops:

  • add concrete experience to your resume.
  • give you an inside look at a specific field or industry.
  • open doors to a career with a company when you perform well as an intern.
  • are valuable networking opportunities.
  • increase awareness of professional expectations.

Other benefits include pay, academic credit and the increased confidence and maturity that come from meeting the challenges of on-the-job experiences.

Additionally, UNI Business Scholarship for Social Engagement is available for students who work unpaid as an intern with a socially engaged nonprofit organization.

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