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5 Ways to Build A Better Resume as an Undergrad

September 13, 2019 - 4:20pm
UNIBusiness Editor

An internship can offer you valuable experience to add to your resume when you're fresh out of college. How do you make your resume look more attractive to employers in addition to an internship? If you're an undergrad and are motivated to improve your resume, there are more ways to go about it. 

Build a great presence online

The more complete your presence on the internet, the better it is for your profile as a candidate for a job. If an employer looks for you online and finds little information, you may as well not exist, as far as they are concerned. If you're on the job market, it's always a good idea to do your best to create a complete Facebook and LinkedIn profile. Your profiles shouldn't just be about fun personal posts. Instead, you should use them to express your ideas and views on professional topics. It could even be a good idea to create a website or blog to publish your thoughts on matters to do with your field.

Start a business of your own

It isn't just a job working for someone else that gives you the job experience that you need to complete your resume. You can create your own opportunities. You can start your own business in the summer, and use the time to learn about every aspect of running a business, from cash flow to management. The harder you try to make a success of your business, the more you will learn, and the easier it will become for you when it's time to work for someone else. Few other candidates are likely to have the kind of experience that you do.

Find a job dealing with people

From working as a receptionist to waiting tables, customer service jobs give you valuable skills that you can transfer to other careers. Hiring managers often like the idea of employing applicants who have had experience dealing with difficult people. A customer service job in the hospitality industry is often seen as highly relevant experience, for example, even if you want to apply to an opening for a managerial position.

Give back to the community

While you probably don't believe that you have worthwhile knowledge to offer others, there is plenty that you could share. You could visit a nearby school, and offer to tutor their students for free. Experience teaching others looks good on a resume and can transfer well to an office situation, where ability to teach others is often a required skill.

Learn new skills

Push yourself to learn new skills that span beyond your major. Sign up for Business 3000 and Business 4000.  These sections of the Professional Readiness Program will give you advanced areas that are not likely to be covered in your major coursework. What exactly you need to learn depends on your industry. It's a good idea to ask a professor, someone in the industry or a professional mentor, what they think would be the right skills to learn.

When you look for your first job, your resume needs to allow you to stand apart from everyone else. Fortunately, there are great additions to the traditional internship that you can use to make your resume interesting to employers. From starting your own business to gaining an extra credential, there are ways you can take control.


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