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Creating Your Personal Brand through LinkedIn

8 months ago
UNIBusiness Editor

LinkedIn is a very important element of professional networking. Unfortunately, it can be easily overlooked. Below are some ways you can help increase your success on LinkedIn.

1. Make sure your Profile picture is one of quality. The University offers a Professional Readiness Day every Spring and Fall semesters where you can have your professional headshot taken. Watch this site for more details on date and location.

2. Your cover image is important to completing your profile. Again, be sure this is a high quality image that relates to you as a professional or student. A nice shot of your family at the dinner table is not appropriate here. Below are some cover photos you can download and use. (Click on image to download)

UNIBusiness LinkedIn Cover 1

UNIBusiness LinkedIn Cover Image 2

UNIBusiness LinkedIn Cover Image 3

UNIBusiness LinkedIn Cover Image 3

UNIBusiness LinkedIn Cover Image 5

UNIBusiness LinkedIn Cover Image 6


3. Include a Headline that is hard to resist. "Student at University of Northern Iowa" is okay. But, "Aspiring business student + tech fanatic" is better because it stands out and grabs the readers attention.

4. Be sure to include keywords in your Summary Statement. This will help you get noticed in recruiter searches. Examples could be: "customer service, Microsoft Office, database setup, accounting, public speaking, etc."

5. Personalize your URL to include your name or a short variation of it.

6. Connect with people you know or have had an interaction with in the past. If you're reaching out to someone who may not know you, add a note explaining why you want to connect with them. Be sure to connect with Dean Wilson at

7. Use LinkedIn wisely. Do not post, say or share anything on LinkedIn that you wouldn't share with your future boss.



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