Zoom virtual backgrounds
How to Look Like a Rockstar in Zoom

Zoom has become the virtual meeting platform of choice for thousands of people due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re new to Zoom, or virtual meetings in general, the idea of online meetings can be overwhelming for us who’ve never worked or taken classes from home. Below are some ways you can at least look the part on Zoom....

3 months 2 weeks ago
important UNI notice
IMPORTANT! UNI Courses Moved Online, Dorm Closures

In adherence to the continued guidance from the Iowa Board of Regents as well as state and national officials regarding protecting public health, the University of Northern Iowa is making important adjustments at this time.  Coursework All courses will be taught online beginning Monday, March 23, and will remain online...

3 months 3 weeks ago
uni online learning portal
Use These Tips for Success as an Online Student

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of universities throughout the world have been forced to make drastic changes, like moving to online course delivery. While many students assume that learning online is easier than the traditional in-person route, the opposite is often true. Online learning requires a higher level of...

3 months 3 weeks ago
Man with money flowing all around him
The worst that could happen to you?

Let’s face reality: Few Americans are capable of handling a large financial windfall. Whether you sign a huge professional sports contract or win a Mega-Jackpot lottery, you may rue the day the windfall came your way and often leaves as suddenly. I’m not being overly critical of lottery winners and young professional athletes...

7 months 2 days ago
united states, china and the stock market
Upcoming event: What if business stopped pandering to China?

The David W. Wilson Chair in Business Ethics at the University of Northern Iowa presents an ongoing series of public forums to explore different hypothetical scenarios by asking the question “What If…?”  Presenters review relevant research and invite the audience to examine potential intended and unintended consequences.  Aimed...

7 months 1 week ago
black and white photo of men counting money
What to do with wealth

“The man who dies rich, dies disgraced.” – Andrew Carnegie Not content with income redistribution, many politicians are advocating a “wealth tax” to redistribute wealth. The top one per cent of American households own a large proportion of wealth in America. Setting aside the issues of whether such a tax is constitutional,...

7 months 3 weeks ago