Business 2000

What does it cover?

Business 2000 jumps right into Career Development and Professional Skill Development. During Business 2000, you'll learn all about the tools you need to get a job:

  1. Writing your resume.

  2. How to go through a behavioral based interview.

  3. How to deliver your elevator pitch.

  4. How to write a cover letter.

You'll also dive more in-depth to professional skills or the skills you need to be successful on the job (or internship!). How do you resolve conflict with a co-worker? How do you project confidence while communicating? How do you work with people from different generations?


When should you take it?

Students can register for Business 2000 any time after they receive a P in Business 1000. For most students, this will be during your sophomore year at UNI. If you're a really ambitious first-year student, you can register for Business 2000 in the spring semester of your first year.

If you're a transfer student taking the Saturday section of Business 1000, you can actually register for Business 2000 in the same semester. If you're unsure, talk with a UNIBusiness Advisor to see where it best fits.


What are the sessions like?

Business 2000 will be entirely lab sessions in CBB 3. Expect hands-on, interactive workshops.


How do I pass?

Just like in Business 1000, you pass by attending the sessions and doing all of the required activities outside of the sessions (resume, cover letter, mock interview, elevator pitch).


I passed. How do I put this on my resume?

The formatting and wording should match the rest of your resume. You should include the skills/topics that you feel you learned the most from and/or can speak to if you were asked about them. An example of how you can list it is below.

Professional Readiness Program (PRP)University of Northern Iowa UNIBusiness
Completed Levels 1 & 2 of program, May 20XX
Developed presentation and communication, improvisation and creativity, professional writing, problem solving, and leadership skills through workshops taught by professional trainers.