Business 3000

There are two additional levels that students have the opportunity to participate in; the first of which is Business 3000.


What does it cover?

The topics of Business 3000 will vary depending on the section you choose to take. We currently offer four versions, with more in development. Not all versions are offered each semester.


Keys to Professional Effectiveness

This section meets once per week throughout the semester and is focused on personal and professional development. Students receive a copy of Stephen Covey's classic personal development book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which will serve as a keystone for most training sessions, guiding students through their personal and professional development.


Excel Certification

Students self-manage their progress through online modules and practice exams, and will take the Microsoft Office Excel certification exam. Students can choose to take the Specialist or Expert level of certification. The pace of completion is up to each individual student. Students are strongly encouraged to have completed MGMT 2080 prior to enrolling in this section.


Working in Multicultural & Multi-Generational Environments


This section is structured like a conference, with sessions focused on Working in Multicultural & Multi-generational Environments. Meals will be provided. Students will be expected to attend all sessions Friday evening and Saturday, and attend three workshops, events, or activities of their choosing, related to diversity & inclusion, later in the semester.


Mastery of the Time Value of Money

This section is designed to help students master a complete understanding of the Mathematics of Interest and the Time Value of Money, the most important tool in understanding Finance. This session will culminate with a mastery exam, allowing students to prove their superior understanding of this concept.


When should you take it?

Any time after you complete Business 2000, but don't wait until your last semester if you also want to take Business 4000 and complete the entire program.


Why should you take it?

Business 3000 will provide more targeted skill development. Because sessions are smaller and/or targeted toward a specific set of skills, you'll get a more personalized approach to your development.