Registration Guide

Advance Registration Schedule Fall 2020

The registration schedule for Fall 2020 will be available in mid-October.


Students may receive their registration information, including registration date and time, by accessing My Universe > Student Center. Use the photo below for reference.


register example


If you have questions regarding this information, contact the Registrar's Office at (319) 273-2241 or

Registration in any UNIBusiness class assumes you have read and agree to abide by the rules in the UNIBusiness Guide to Registration. These procedures are subject to change with class availabilities.


Policies and Procedures

  1. Students may access the Schedule of Classes online in the Student Center
  2. Students needing assistance in planning their schedule or completing the registration process should make an appointment with an advisor in the Office for Professional Distinction (CBB 5) prior to their registration time. Peer Advising Walk-in hours are 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM daily throughout the entire semester. Please call the advising office to make an appointment at (319) 273-2144
  3. Students must ensure that any holds on their account are removed prior to advance registration.
  4. The UNIBusiness uses a priority registration system. Students requiring business courses for their major are given priority when registering for business classes during advance registration (November 4 - November 22). Business course registration is restricted to students with declared majors requiring business courses for their major (see approved non-major list below).
  5. Students who have not been admitted to UNIBusiness are not allowed to register for MKTG 2110 Principles of Marketing and any 3000/4000-level business courses at any time.
  6. Any student who has not been admitted to UNIBusiness and will be completing admission requirements and 60 hours of credit during the current semester should meet with an advisor in the Office for Professional Distinction (CBB 5) prior to advance registration to sign an Admission Contract. Students signing contracts will be given conditional approval to register for 3000/4000-level UNIBusiness courses. At the end of the semester in which you signed your contract, the records of "conditionally" registered students will be checked to determine if admission requirements have been satisfied.

    Students not meeting the conditions of their contract will be dropped from MKTG 2110 and all 3000/4000 UNIBusiness courses for which they registered during advance registration. The UNIBusiness will notify students by e-mail if contracts are not fulfilled.​


Business Courses for Non-Business Majors, Minors, etc.

  1. Any non-business major wanting to enroll in a business course for their minor requirements or general interest must visit CBB 5 on the following dates for course availability. November 20 - Seniors/Juniors. November 21 - Sophomores/Freshmen.
  2. Non-business majors may not enroll for more than 30 semester credit hours from the UNIBusiness (ECON 1041 and ECON 1051 are excluded from the total).
  3. Non-business majors may not take more than six hours of upper division 3000/4000-level UNIBusiness coursework per semester. MKTG 2110 is also included in the total.
  4. Non-business majors may not accumulate more than 15 hours of 3000/4000-level UNIBusiness coursework. MKTG 2110 is also included in the total.
  5. Any section of MKTG 2110 and any 3000/4000-level course designated as a non-business major section will not count toward a business major.
  6. Non-business majors must select sections 50 or 51 if available. If 50 or 51 is not listed, regular section may be selected if pre-reqs have been met and students receive advisor approval. Please see CBB 5 for more information.


Non-Business Major Codes & Business Courses

Applied Human Sciences



ACCT 2120; BUS 2010; FIN 3110; MKTG 2110; MKTG 3113; MKTG 3143; MKTG 3146; MKTG 3153; MKTG 3154; MKTG 3156; MKTG 3166; MKTG 3176; MGMT 2080; MGMT 3113


ACCT 2120; ACCT 2130; MGMT 3100; MGMT 3101; MGMT 3905; MGMT 3153; MGMT 3966


ACCT 2120; MKTG 2110; MKTG 3113; MKTG 3166; MKTG 4170; MGMT 3153




ACCT 2120; MGMT 2080; MGMT 3101; MGMT 3145

(34J, 34G, 34H)

MGMT 3153

Communication Studies



MKTG 2110; MKTG 3143; MKTG 3146; MKTG 3153; MKTG 3583; MKTG 4150


ACCT 2120; MKTG 2110; MKTG 3113; MGMT 3153


MKTG 2110; MKTG 3143; MGMT 3146


BUS 2010; MKTG 2110; MKTG 3113; MKTG 3143; MKTG 3146; MKTG 3153




MGMT 3153




ACCT 2120; MKTG 2110; MGMT 3153

Public Administration



ACCT 2120; ACCT 2130


MGMT 3153; MGMT 3965; MGMT 3966

Individual and General Studies


(001, 010-012, 016-018, 020-023; GS1, GS2, GS4)

Limited to 6 hours of 3000/4000-level UNIBusiness courses per semester, including MKTG 2110.


Priority Registration Policies

Declared Business Majors with 60 Credit Hours:

Generally speaking, students admitted to UNIBusiness with 60 credit hours may register for any open course in UNIBusiness if they have satisfied prerequisites. However, due to high demand and limited space, there may be some business courses which departments limit registration to specific majors only.

Non Admitted Students:

Students who have not met UNIBusiness admission requirements may register for 1000/2000-level business courses only if prerequisites are met. MKTG 2110 is excluded.

Second B.A. Business Majors:

See a UNIBusiness Advisor for approval (CBB 5).


Important Information

  1. All students taking courses from UNIBusiness must attend the first two classes or the first night class or they MAY be dropped from the class.
  2. Students registered for any UNI class are responsible for checking their UNI e-mail and eLearning prior to the start of the semester for possible assignments and/or class announcements.
  3. There may be special sections of UNIBusiness courses for non-business majors. These restrictions will be strictly observed during advance registration.
  4. Students who graduate with a business major must be a declared business major in the semester they graduate.
  5. Declared business majors require UNIBusiness approval to change their major.
  6. UNI registration staff will be following the procedures established in the UNIBusiness. If you have questions or concerns, please see a UNIBusiness Advisor in the Office for Professional Distinction (CBB 5).