Admission Requirements


Students seeking a major in Accounting, Business Teaching, Economics/Business Economics, Finance, Real Estate, Management, Management Information Systems, or Marketing, must be admitted to UNIBusiness and meet course prerequisites before taking upper-division (3000/4000-level) UNIBusiness courses.

Students are eligible for admission to UNIBusiness upon completion of the following requirements:

  1. Completion of the ALEKS Mathematics Placement Examination
  2. 30 cumulative semester hours of college credit
  3. C- or better in the following business foundation courses:
    ECON 1021 Decision Analytics OR ECON 1011 Statistics for Business Analytics and ECON 1041 Principles of Macro-Economics
  4. C- or better in an approved English composition course which would include one of the following:
    ENGLISH 1005 College Writing and Research or equivalent,
    Writing enhanced section of ENGLISH 1120 Literature (topic),
    ENGLISH 2015 Craft of Academic Writing,
    ENGLISH 2120 Critical Writing About Literature,
    Writing enhanced section of RELS 1020 Religions of the World,
    UNIV 1000/1010 First Year Cornerstone (C- or better in both semesters),
    or CLEP credit in ENGLISH 1005, English Composition with Essay

    (PLEASE NOTE: ENGLISH 1002, College Writing Basics DOES NOT satisfy the writing requirement for admission to UNIBusiness.)
  5. Total or UNI* cumulative GPA of at least 2.50 on all university-level courses *(UNI cumulative GPA must be based on 12 or more credit hours)
  6. Declaration of Curriculum form filed with the UNIBusiness Advising Office (CBB 5)

Applications for admission will be evaluated only after students have completed and received grades for the requirements listed above. Students not meeting requirements after 30 hours of credit may complete additional course work and reapply. All forms should be submitted on a timely basis to ensure proper handling and access to course registration. Forms and information about deadlines are available at the UNIBusiness Advising Office (CBB 5).

Note: Students majoring in UNIBusiness are STRONGLY ADVISED to complete MGMT 2080, Introduction to Information Systems, prior to enrolling in upper-division UNIBusiness courses.

UNIBusiness subscribes to the University's policy of affirmative action and equal educational opportunity.

Adopted by the CBA Faculty Council - 4/26/2013
Updated by the CBA Faculty Senate - 5/17/2018