Graduation Policy

In addition to University and Departmental requirements, students majoring in Accounting, Business Teaching, Economics/Business Analysis emphasis, Finance, Real Estate, Management, Management Information Systems, or Marketing must also meet the following requirements to graduate:

  1. At least 50% of the business credit hours required for the major must be earned at UNI.
  2. A cumulative UNI GPA of 2.20 or better (Business Teaching majors must earn a total cumulative and cumulative UNI GPA of 2.50 or better).
  3. A cumulative GPA of 2.20 or better for all UNIBusiness (120:xxx, 130:xxx, 150:xxx, 160:xxx, 920:xxx) courses taken at UNI.
  4. Students given permission to graduate out-of-residence must earn a 2.20 cumulative average or better in all courses approved and accepted for out-of-residence credit.


Note: Economics majors must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.20 or better, for all UNI Economics courses, in all 920:xxx courses taken at UNI excluding ECON 1021 (920:020) , ECON 1031 (920:024) , ECON 1011 (920:070) , ECON 3077 (920:177) and ECON 3179 (920:179).  Economics majors must also complete ECON 1041 (920:053), ECON 1051 (920:054), ECON 2122 (920:103) and ECON 2112 (920:070) with at least a C- in each course whether taken at UNI or at an institution from which transfer credit for these courses is accepted.  Must earn a 2.20 cumulative grade point average at UNI; must earn an overall 2.20 grade point average in ACCT xxxx/120:xxx, MKTG xxxx/130:xxx, MGMT xxxx/150:xxx, FIN xxxx/160:xxx, and ECON xxxx/920:xxx courses taken at UNI.


Adopted by the CBA Faculty Council - April 2019