Fly free on a faculty-led program

Study Abroad with your own UNIBusiness Professor


UNIBusiness short-term programs led by our faculty are designated as "Fly-Free" for business students. Scholarships of $1,200 cover the cost of airfare to and from the program destination. Business students going on other short-term abroad programs will receive $500 to support their travel expenses.


Greece: Global Skills

Join Mary Connerley for a new May 2021 study abroad experience in Greece, a major force in the world economy. Combine the best of both worlds: tours of historic sites in the birthplace of western civilization and visits to organizations that represent the entrepreneurial spirit of a European country on its way to economic recovery. Program participants will visit start-up companies and established industries, explore ancient archeological sites, and enjoy the natural beauty of the Greek islands. These experiences will provide the student participants the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and capacity for working in globalized communities and learn vital skills for successful interactions in international locations and/or with international associates.

Satisfies UNI Capstone requirement (Global Skills).


Italy: Service Operations Management

Join Professor Dan Bumblauskas in Rome and Sorrento, Italy, during May term 2021. See for yourself how world-class boutiques, hotels and restaurants in leading tourist regions of the globe manage their service operations. We have all heard that the U.S. economy is transitioning into a service economy. How do we effectively manage businesses and organizations in this so called service economy? What constitutes a service business or product line? Are you interested in learning about service organizations and management practices and techniques to lead such firms? This program covers managing services, especially the operations activity in service firms. Includes determining the service package, forecasting service demand, managing demand, capacity analysis and management, scheduling, cost control, service quality, and human resource management. Standardization, franchising, and service automation addressed. 

Satisfies UNI Capstone requirement (Global Skills).  Auguri!


Costa Rica: Business Policy and Strategy

In this program, students will explore the competition within the eco-tourism industry in Costa Rica, while simultaneously gaining knowledge and experience in business strategy, competitive advantage, and sustainable development. Students will have the opportunity to participate in activities provided by competing companies, and then compare and analyze their experiences. Students will gain an invaluable introduction to Costa Rica; its ecology, history and geography, as well as current cultural, business, and eco-environmental practices while earning credit for MGMT 4175: Business Policy and Strategy.


Capstone in Suriname

This two week program in the little-traveled country of Suriname is designed to expose students to the diversity of cultures of this South American nation. Students will visit businesses as well as participate in service learning projects. Starting and finishing in the capital city of Paramaribo, the program will take students to a lodge located deep in the jungle from where they will visit several rural villages, meet local residents, and participate in a variety of cultural and eco-tourism activities. An additional trip will be made to Maroon communities and along the “Sugar Trail” where student can learn about the history of colonialism and slavery in Suriname. 


Look for the Approved Fly-Free Program logo on flyers in the Study Abroad Office.

To apply for Fly-Free Program funding, complete the UNIBusiness International Opportunities Scholarship Application before:

  • Summer programs: February 15 of the year of travel
  • Fall programs: May 1 of the year of travel
  • Winter break programs: October 1
  • Spring programs: October 30 of the year BEFORE travel

For more information about Fly-Free and other summer programs, contact the advisors in the Office for Professional Distinction (CBB 5); or visit the UNI Study Abroad Center in Gilchrist 28 and look for the Fly-Free logo.